Connecting a My Book to the usb 3 port

I’m posting this in both the My Cloud and My Book forums as it is most likely to do with both.

I have just bought a My Book 8TB external hdd, thinking it would be just a matter of connecting it to the usb 3 port on my existing My Cloud. I connected it to my pc first and it ran a setup app on startup. Then when I connect it to the My Cloud, its not being recognised.

Is it possible to use the My Book the way I want?

I think there may be a maximum size drive that the MyCloud will recognise…I think it’s 3 or 4 TB.

No, I have a 5TB and 3 TB drive attached via a USB3 hub to the USB3 port on my single bay MyCloud.

Not sure why the O.P. isn’t work. m1ckr1ck … Did you read the user manual for the MyCloud?

Check the format is compatible.

Check the drive only has one partition.

Check hte My Book for encryption. You (generally) cannot use an encrypted USB drive with the My Cloud (single bay).

As the previous poster indicated check the My Book drive format. The single bay My Cloud generally supports the following hard drive formats for attached USB drives: NTFS, HFS+, FAT32

Thanks for the replies and advice. After a couple of reboots and a lit of patience, the MyBook was eventually recognised, but then the MyCloud gave an error that a share couldn’t be created. But I could browse to the drive and use a script to map it as a network share. I’d like to be able to copy between drives using the dashboard, so I could shut my PC down when it’s working.