Linking MyBook and MyCloud

I have a MyCloud 4TB and need to add storage space. Can I use the USB on the MyCloud to connect a MyBook (4TB and up). I run have a Gigabyte Network Win10 x64 and have a gigabyte Netgear Switch. While I wanted to add more space only the MyCloud attaches via Ethernet (can’t afford more expensive NAS unit).

I have checked the specifications and the support on the website but found no answers, perhaps someone else has already done this and can answer.


Yes. When a USB hard drive is attached to the USB port on the My Cloud, the My Cloud will create a new Share that contains the entire contents of the USB drive.

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual to learn about the features/options (including using a USB external hard drive)? See the following link to access the User Manual and additional information on the My Cloud.

Thanks, I was concerned with power requirements and the ability to mount
a 4TB + drive

The only issue you will likely have, is if the drive is improperly partitioned.
The MyBook external drives are self powered. (They use a 12v DC barrel power connector, driven off a wallwart type power supply.) They do not tap the port for power, so that is not a cause for concern.

As stated, the only issue you might face is improperly partitioned media. Devices larger than 3TB need to be formatted with GPT partitioning schema. Additionally, the mycloud only automounts the first partition on the device. If there are other partitions on the drive, the MyCloud will not see them without manual poking over ssh. For best compatibility, use a single partition that spans the entire drive’s capacity, using a GPT partition table.

The MyCloud supports partitions formatted with EXT3/EXT4, HFS+, FAT32, and NTFS. For 4tb+ drives, I suggest either EXT4 or NTFS. NTFS has the perk of supporting compressed files and folders, but there is a caveat with that.

Thanks for the help.