Connected (Relay connection established)

Why am I not getting a direct connection? Made sure UPnP Is enabled & have no clue what to do next. New to this so any advice will help.

If UPnP is enabled and working, you should be able to log into your router and verify that two ports were assigned to the My Cloud.  Determine which ports were assigned and report back.

I appreciate your responce, I’ve searched my router (Asus RT-AC56U) can not find the port settings.

Have you downloaded and read the User Manual.


My suggestion is for you to unplug the power to the router at the router, wait one minute and then plug it back in. Recheck your connection status.


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I would recommend contacting the manufacturing brand of your router in order to obtain additional information related to port-forwarding and admin page access. As an alternative, some websites can run a “port check” for you and indicate currently-open ports in your router in order to set them within your WD My Cloud.