Connect encrypted My Book Duo?

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it is possible to connect an encrypted My Book Duo to a My Cloud Ex 2 or My Book Live Duo NAS system using the external USB interfaces of the NAS systems.

Will the My Cloud Ex 2 or My Book Live Duo NAS be able to create snapshots on the encrypted My Book Duo? Will the password protection / hardware encryption of the My Book Duo lead to problems on the NAS when trying to identify the connected My Book Duo drive?




If you connect a WD drive that is locked by a password you should unlock it through the My Cloud dashboard in order to use it.

Thanks for your reply!

Unlocking of encrypted My Book Duo devices works with both My Cloud Ex 2 & My Book Live Duo? Are there any issues if I want to create manual safepoints of both NAS systems on the same My Book Duo?

Thank you!