My Book Duo: Disable encryption or use internal

Hi there,

I recently adquired a My Book Duo. Before using it i have read that the hardware encription can not be dissabled. So i could replace a disk that fails but i couldn’t bypass the case it it fails because of the encription system.

My question, before starting to migrate data to the unit is:

  1. So no way at all of dissabling the encription system?

  2. Could I just use the disks as internal disks or transfer them to a NAS from other manufacturer? Thats not a really a solution but It could work as I could swap some disks in my Synology NAS. I just dont want to start experimenting with them just to risk them without asking first.

I use WD Reds for my NAS and in the office and they’re really reliable but I cant see why you guys force the encryption in this system.

I bought it as a really chip alternative to a NAS for local use, as the system is priced the same as the disks alone in my country. Some of us just want reliable solid disks to store and make some copies of our data, and an easy recovery after a screw up should be the second perk after reliabilty in this kind of setups.

Really eager to know your thoughts, guys. Thanks for your time!

Look here for reference :

and this github repo :