USB connector has fallen off

So, a few years ago an earthquake knocked my My Book 1TB off a table. It worked fine still and there were no shaky or loose parts. But over time the USB connection deteriorated and you’d have to push the USB at an angle for the My Book to connect to my computer. Now, the internal part has come off and I was wondering if I can take the internal hard drive out and put it in an enclosure or something. What are those things called so I can buy it? Thanks!

you can do that, but realize, My Books encrypt the data, so you won’t be able to access your files

once you take it out of the case and put it in another enclosure … you’ll have to format it to be able to use it. (this will wipe all your data)

hope you have your data backed up.

Here’s example of me removing the internal hdd from a 3TB My Book to demonstrate

click the link below for pictures

This is a very helpful comment, thank you! I also had no security service installed or a password on it and I tried using a SATA adapter and my Mac wouldn’t recognize it. So, I’m assuming there’s no recourse but to wipe the entire thing, huh?

Pretty much

… but i did read someone here on the forum did come up with a way to retrieve/bypass the encryption, but it was a pretty Linux heavy procedure to accomplise it and not for the faint hearted novice or intermediate user. (i do remember he helped a few people do it, can’t remember if he charged money for the service) ?

sorry, i don’t have any links and can’t remember the thread … but i definately did read it somewhere here