My Book 2T and 3T Help!


I have a My Book 2T (about 6years old) that the plug connector broke on our move. I bought a new 3T hoping I could put the 2T in the 3T case and hopefully save everything from the 2T. It fits and all but when I plug it to my USB is not reading it, neither on iMac or macbook :frowning:
Any idea why is not reading it and what could I do to save my data from my 2T My Book?

All help appreciated!

ETA… the power plug on both are different. Not sure if the 3T cable doesn’t support the 2T HD. I’m brainstorming to see how I can make this work to save my data from 2T My Book.

My Books have Hardware Encryption you can’t just simply remove the internal hard drive and put it in a different enclosure and recover your data.

On a Windows PC it won’t appear anywhere except in Disk Management and then the only option will be to initialize / format it and lose your data. Same situation for a Mac.

If you want to recover your data off the My Book … you’ll need to decrypt the hard drive first which can only be attempted using Linux.

What a nightmare! It all sounds so confusing.
What if I buy the part of the board that broke and install it? Will that work?
and how Linux help if the power cable connector is what broke?
The data is all there. It was working perfectly till the power part inside the hard drive snapped during our move.

This is the part that broke and I’m trying to replace that whole board piece to see if it works…

If that’s the USB connector socket… i could fix that in 5 minutes by re-soldering it back on, or grab a good a connector from the many spare parts i have and solder on a new one.

The board looks ok (nothing cracked from what i can see) … i wouldn’t replace it.

Have you got a local tv / electronics repair shop near you ? … they could easily solder the connector back on.

If the connector pins are broken, then we’re talking less than $1 to replace the connector.

One of the pins broke too. I can see if we have a tv/electronics repair shop around here. Thank you for the tip!
Where could I get a connector?