Western Digital Mybook ENCRYPTION?


I own several Western Digital Mybook external harddrives. 4 1TB USB2.0 disks as well as 1 3TB USB 3.0 Disk.

Recently I read that all the MyBook disks utilize a special USB to SATA chip with encryption so that the internal disk cannot be read on a computer if the disk is taken out of the MyBook enclosure and connected to the internal SATA port of the computer?

Is that true? If so I wonder why?

If this really is the case I will backup my data and remove all drives an put them in aftermarket cases and throw the MyBook enclosures away. I have chosen the MyBook series because I really like the design and I trusted Western Digital.

I was planning on getting a Mybook Duo 12TB for extra storage for video editing as well as a MyBook Cloud to try them out - but in this case I’m definetly NOT going to buy any further WD hard drives.

Instead I’m going to buy a proper NAS in conjunction with Hitachi drives. If I need further USB storage I will buy a enclosure and a seperate hard drive - and the drive won’t be Western Digital for sure.

Goodbye WD for me.

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If you take the drive out the MyBook enclosure and insert it into a PC … then sure, the data can’t be read (because it’s Encrypted) but, you can wipe and format the drive to work inside the PC (as long as you don’t care about losing your data)

I don’t use encryption which i why i’ve purchased several WD Elements External HDDs (because they don’t have encryption … and they are also cheaper) :slightly_smiling:

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Excuse me JoeySmyth. Do you know how wipe and format the drive to work inside the PC ?. As you mentioned, I don’t care about losing data.

My WD My Book Essential 3T enclosure don’t work ( I assume the PCB is damaged), but the HDD is fine. I would like to know how wipe it and insert it into my PC because I tried with generic USB enclosure, but I couldn’t do anything.

Does it support 3TB drives ?
i have a few generic enclosures myself, and none of them work with hard drives over 2TB.

Had to buy a new ORICO enclosure which supports up to 4TB

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JoeySmyth I’m pretty sure that It supports 3TB HDD.

Under disk management (Win 7) I’m getting this:

However, I’ll buy that ORICO enclosure that you mentioned. And if you don’t mind. Could you share the procedure to wipe and format the HDD for internal use ?.
Thank you for your time.

That doesn’t look right does it ?
a 3TB should be reporting a total capacity of 2794.45 GB

Instead of buying a case … are you using a Desktop PC ? can you connect the HDD directly to your Motherboard via SATA ?

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Yes JoeySmyth. I can connect to the mobo via SATA, I tried once, but something happened. With the drive connected windows won’t start.
Tomorrow morning at first hour I’ll will try again.
If I get it, Do I need some software or special instructions ?.
Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Hi, Joey Smyth. I have connected the HDD directly to the motherboard but the computer stops at “Starting Windows” screen. I think at this point of loading, windows try to do something with the HDD but It can’t do it because the HDD is not in windows conditions (I think) so It can’t finish the loading.

I’m considering to download an Ubuntu Live USB version and try to see If I can load the OS with the HDD attached to the motherboard.

However I already ordered the ORICO enclosure, hoping this help to expand the possibility of formatting the HDD.

Thanks man.