My Book Duo (hopefully not fatal) lock

HI all,

I am REALLY hoping.

About 5 years ago my children bought me a My Book Duo (almost NAS), with 14/16tb of space, for my small pc set up.
Clearly would be wasting drive space to use it as a NAS, so it was simply storage, whjch was fine.

I put ‘everything’ onto it…family photos, backups, the works!

About 6-12 months ago I was having trouble connecting to it, and the email support from WD uninstalled and reinstalled all software which accompanied it. AND THEN the wd guy suggested I password protect it.
It hadnt been til then, and got thru unscathed.

4 months ago, i started having trouble permanently unlocking it.
I found that no password I had recorded worked, and the hint didnt help?!

Recently the pc has been upgraded both new hardware and software, and the wd software has gone: along with the app that auto unlcked when I clicked on the ‘wd unlocker’ drive, app.

NOW clicking on this ‘unlocker’ simply presents a password field and hint I(as I mentioned, to date an unhelpful one).

Is there a way I can install relevant software and pass on setting up a password, so i can access the 9TB of data stored on this drive?
I cannot (since the rebuild) uninstall anything wd, as it doesnt appear to be there anymore…

Or is there another way?

Looking forward to some positivity!