"Complete Drive Test Failed"

I have just finished uploading & installing the firmware updates.  I ran a back-up without a problem.  For kicks, I ran the Quick SMART status and it passed.  I ran the Quick Drive Test and it passed.  I was 10% through the lengthy Complete Drive Test when it registered “Complete Drive Test Failed”.  But there is no further information about what this means, how to solve the problem or otherwise troubleshoot it, in the manual and on the wdc.com website.  **bleep**?!  I am NOT the most tech-savvy person and I’m studying for my boards in medical school.  I’m on my second laptop and I think the hard-drive is ready to die.  I NEED, NEED, NEED to make sure I still have all my course materials on this thing and will be able to access them when the inevitable occurs.  Thanks for any info.

The program could have crashed, did you tried to run the test one more time? One thing, never save all of your important files only in one location.