Complete Drive Test Failed

I have owned my passport Essential for well over 2years of now, havent used it much to be honest.

I was running through Wd smartware software Diagnostics where i found that my disk failed the Complete drive test.

Althought it passed the SMART test, now i m not sure what failing the Compete Test exactly means. If anyone here could help me how to fix that ill be very grateful 


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG.


I did its giving confusing messages 

salar wrote:



I did its giving confusing messages 

Can you share with us the test results?

Hello when i run Smartware diagnoisis for SMART test it says passed,

But when i run it through Lifeguard test it says failed, i m not sure which one to believe.

Anyway i m posting the two attachements

s for the results from Lifeguard 

i m not sure what this mean as Smart staus passed and smart test failed??