Complete Drive Tests fail BUT Digital Diagnostics Extended Test passed

Yesterday, I also submitted a “Support Case” concerning this problem. Because of the probability that My Passport Ultra contained corrupted files, via WD Utilities, I “Erased the Drive,” did a “Files” backup, selecting only “Users,” and backup was successful; however several subsequent “Complete Drive Tests” have failed. I then did a “WD Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Extended Test” which passed (???). Which test is accurate, and are my backups compromised? Thanking you in advance for any help or guidance - I’m a 72-year-old technologically disadvantaged woman, so I ask that any instructions please be step-by-step and simple - like me :slight_smile:


If you ran a diagnostic using WD DLG and it passed then you don’t have anything to worry about. I recommend you do another extended test using Wd DLg just to be sure.

I’ve done that and, again, it passed,; however, the unit has subsequently become inoperable. Since it’s still under warranty, WD Support has informed me of the procedures in place to return it for a replacement, but being a cynic, I don’t trust that my data will be completely and totally removed from the unit in spite of WD’s assurances. :frowning:


Customer confidentiality is a priority to Western Digital. When a drive is received at WD’s facility, it is put through a rigorous testing process for analysis. During this process, all data on the drive is completely erased, and therefore irrecoverable.

If you still don’t trust this procedure then I recommend you contact support and you explain the issue to verify if they have any kind of procedure that suits your need.

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