Complete Test Drive - Complete drive test failed


I have 1TB Passport with smartware installed,

The complete test drive fails, sometimes after 10% sometimes it passes to 20 or 30%, then I see a red message “Complete drive test failed.”,

(I tried asking this question in the Smartware forum but no response) I don’t see any way to get more info why it fails, are there any logs somewhere which explains in details the cause of the failure? is my drive is not functioning properly?

one more thing, in windows there’s a way to test drive “right click  on drive->properties->tools->check drive”, it took some hours to go through the entire 1TB, but at the end there were no errors, 

So what does it mean? that smartware is buggy? can I trust the windows check drive? or should I ask for hard drive replacement as I own it only for 1 week !

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IMO, your drive is not bad. However, you can use Data Lifeguard Diag to ensure that it is working properly. This is the link:

First you should try to get a replacement. If not… read-on…

I don’t agree with the previous answer. Your drive may have had bad sectors and WD drive testing utility usually mark them as bad (do not use) sectors. New sectors are created on spare area of the disk to replace the bad once. But this benefit only available for small amount of bad sectors. Once the disk exceeds the spare room Windows Scandisk will report bad sectors.

Good news is most of these bad sectors are phantom bad sectors. And they can be reclaimed using special software. Once restored, these drives works normally all test will pass your drive. IMO, WD utilities or Scandisk will not really help on this issue.

For more details please read this post in full:

Mabikay - SLK

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Sometimes, SmartWare fails to test the drive correctly, that’s why I recommended to use the DLG. If you can read/write to drive, then is it bad? hahaha nah!.. If you cannot, then, yes you should worry about it :).

Read the text form your own link… (Copy & Paste)

" Note: Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics will test internal hard drives contained within a WD My Book Premium II and WD My Book Pro Edition II storage system. The RAID Array on these units does not need to be broken in order to test the internal drives. The only feature that will not be available with the diagnostics is the SMART data. The diagnostics will not read SMART data from the drives.

Important: If any of the tests fail, including the Quick Test, you will need to replace the drive being tested."

And he just tested his drive using the drive test utility in Smartware. Can anyone be sure, Smartware is not using “WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics” Engine in Smartware?

Only time will tell who is right. Isn’t it? :smileyvery-happy:

Mabikay - SLK

Well, I’m not from the WD development department, so how do I know that the Smartware test was built using the DLG peripherals? Or how do you know? Do you belong to them? If so, cool!!! Hahaha :slight_smile: ‘‘Bad joke’’ I know :)…

However, asaf000 wrote: ‘‘The complete test drive fails, sometimes after 10% sometimes it passes’’. Jummm, DLG is the best option, as it was designed separately from a backup software. Will DLG harm the drive? come on :), just a few minutes to determine if the same thing occurs.

Mmm, was just a recommendation, everybody is allowed to use what they believe is going to work… So, all opt to everybody Hahaha…