Complete Test Drive - Complete drive test failed


I have 1TB Passport with smartware installed,

The complete test drive fails, sometimes after 10% sometimes it passes to 20 or 30%, then I see a red message “Complete drive test failed.”,

I don’t see any way to get more info why it fails, are there any logs somewhere which explains in details the cause of the failure? is my drive is not functioning properly?

Please help, as this drive has a backup of my whole life :slight_smile:



If you can still access the drive move the stuff off fast. It sounds like the drive is bad.


Or maybe Smartware is buggy? I tried in windows, right click on the drive-> properties -> tools -> check now

and no errors…

How can I see the output of Smartware why the drive failed? there must be a reason… and I want to know the cause of the failure!