Client for NFS is not licensed for use on this version of Windows error windows 10

It seems when I try and access my wd mycloud nas

as I navigate through the folders it will hang and then It will generate this error
in the event log

“Client for NFS is not licensed for use on this version of Windows”.

eventID:16385 Source: NFSRDR

windows 10Pro 14393.187

Thank you

It only happens with the mycloud 4TB v2

Looks like its possibly a Windows problem:

Client for NFS is not licensed for use on this version of Windows error windows 10 14393.10

I was looking to see if someone has had this issue as well
and could share his or her thoughts and possible fix
as my friend google couldn’t help me and it also only
happens with my mycloud drive
Thank you

Post edit: Just saw in your first post you are using the v2.x firmware. Apparently the newer generation My Clouds which run v2.x firmware have an option to enable NSF in the Dashboard.

I looked all through the menu system of the dashboard ,but didn’t see that setting though

I don’t have a v2.x version My My Cloud but apparently the NFS option is available in the v2.x firmware as indicated in the following thread post:

In that thread I posted some screen captures showing it exists, at least according to the v2.x User Manual.

OK,Thank you
I found it ,but it was already enabled
maybe i will reset the system and reconfigure it
it was fine until about a week ago
can I reset the whole OS without dumping the data?

What changed, if anything. a week ago on either the PC or the My Cloud?

You could try disabling the NFS option then re-enable it to see if anything changes.

There are several methods of resetting a My Cloud. One way is to use the reset button on the back of the My Cloud, the other is to use the reset option in the Dashboard > Utilities > System Factory Restore section. If using the Dashboard option make sure to use the System Only reset the My Cloud OS to default values, the other two buttons will erase user data.

OK,Thank you for all your help ,I will try that and report back but I can see I’m
Probably going to wind up resetting the nas as I don’t foresee this fixing it
I think all this started happening after Microsoft released the last 2 CU
but I can’t be sure. I know that both the NFS client in windows 10
is enabled as well as the mycloud so It’s kinda sticky

no dice ,resetting didn’t help
still getting the same event log errors and hangs
if I reboot it ,it will work ok for a while the start up again

OK, I RMA’d the drive and the problem with the drive slowing down and then locking up
and then disappearing have stopped
the new drive is fine ,transferred 2TB yesterday without any hangs
the “Client for NFS is not licensed for use on this version of Windows” error
is still coming up in the event viewer though
Thank you

windows 10 Pro 1607

i wish this was in gen 1 it would make things so much easier.