Chromecast and WD My Cloud

I bought a chromecast yesterday to stream youtube Karaoke and WD My Cloud movies to my NON Smart TV 55" Sceptre, I does seem Chromecast only support Android device and Chrome browser, so the IOS devices are out, everything else works perfectly.



Well don’t tell my iPhone and iPad that Chromecast will not work with them, because it DOES, (because it is made to work with them, too)!

Please show me how, I would love to get them working on my iPad mini and iPhone.



I know everyone wants free apps, but in this case you have to be willing to buy one for around $6. but you pay once and you can put it on both your phone and Pad. It is one of the first and best iOS apps I have, and in the past year they added Chromecast casting, and it works great.

The app is called File Browser and made by this company: Check it out. You likely need the regular personal version.

In fact, just this week I moved my photos and videos to my sort of new My Cloud large NAS, and used FB to view them. No problems, except I have a gen1 Chromecast, so when some videos stalled and stuttered (because the gen 1 only uses 2,4G wireless,) I got right on the internet and ordered the NEW Chromecast of this fall directly from Google Store that uses the faster 5G signal. It should arrive any day now. I actually hated my old Chromecast because it was not a 5G device and quite a few video streams were not well presented. I ALWAYS use 5G to stream between my network and mobile devices, and the old Chromecast was a weak link in the chain. It won’t be anymore.

Hope you enjoy FB as much as I do. Great for streaming movies on iPad and phone, And, one last comment:

WE WOULD NOT EVEN NEED THIS APP IF WD INCORPORATED THE CHROMECAST CAPABILITY INTO THEIR MY CLOUD APP AS SEAGATE DID IN THEIR SIMILAR APP A YEAR AGO! Hello WD, did you hear me this time? I challenge you again to make My Cloud app as good or better than Seagate’s.

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I found videoCast that works quite well for iPhone and iPad… It’s free with ads running.

OK, if you get tired of ads, you know what you can try.