Stream Video to Chromecast using IOS Device

I’m thinking of buying a WD My Passport Wireless Pro, I’m going to use the drive to backup my Photos and Videos. Can I use this to stream my photos and videos from the drive to a TV with Chomecast using the Plex app on an iPhone or iPad.


I would say that if you’re going to be streaming Plex content, it’s probably better to get a NAS with enough CPU and Memory to handle Plex such as a My Cloud EX2 Ultra or PR2100.

It’s for an out on the road/holiday solution. I just want to stream to a tv the photos and videos I taken when out and about. I think the plex on the drive can read the media file from the iPhone or iPad app. I Want to playback the media files on the drive using Plex then cast to chromecast.


I have streamed movies on MPW to chromcast using VLC app on iOS device and no Plex is required. VJC does the streaming.

VLC should be perfect, did you connect to Plex server on the MPW or does VLC see the drive in the app. Thanks

I had not done this in quite a while, so I just finished doing so and it works perfectly and no Plex was needed; just VLC playing mp4 movie on iPad. My MPW is a gen1 so no Plex included. (I do have Plex on my WD MyCloud NAS.

So get your MPWP and download the complete user manual from WD Support to help you, get the MPW to connect to ios device and VLC are available etc.

Write back via this post if you have issues.


VLC streams video fine so far so good, unfortunately vlc doesn’t seem to support photo viewing. I was hoping to be able to have a wireless solution to stream photos to tv using chromecast so it looks like I’ll have to use an hdmi wire solution to stream photos directly from iPad to tv using WD Cloud app unless you can think of another solution.

Nice to know you have things running well.

Before there was VLC there was an app jusi for iOS and it is still alive and well, because it gets improved and adds new features often. It is called FileBrowser that is a swiss army knife of apps. It is one of the first apps I bought almost ten years ago, and I use it often. It has cost the same for years; just $6 and you can put it on both iphone and ipad for the one time fee. the company that makes it is
Check it out.

They make other apps too. One is for large digital music collections and I like it alot.

Enjoy your new toys and apps.

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I’ve installed that brilliant! I get a bit of stuttering using the app to play videos but photos work brilliantly :+1:t2:. VLC seems to handle video better, chrome casting my videos on mpwp doesn’t work very well from any app so looks like a wired solution is the only way to get lag free video. I guess connecting to 2 wireless devices is to much ?

At home my mpw is connected to home network. In this case mpw is not near the ipad, but near the router for best connection. I use 5G wireless for video even tho my gen1 mpw is only 2.4 G. On my mpw/ssd i can run it on 5G I rarely have wireless isues as I have very good connections. Your issue is not the apps it is the wireless signal’s quality…

Maybe but I get stutter when i’m only connected to the mpwp when its about 6 inches away from ipad. I connect 5gz.

There are a lot of variables. For example, maybe video bit rate is too high. I make my own m4v files with Handbrake and video is at defaults. Only audio is higher at 256k.

I’m trying to play the 1080p 60 100mbps mov files straight out the camera, I played the movie I produced for YouTube using LumaFusion it was a lot better. Thanks for the advice :+1:t2:

My movies are either videos taken on iOS devices (usually no problem for MPW), or made for my iPad from dvd image files (IS0 files) which make m4v/mp4 videos via Handbrake program.

I have learned much about video files over the YEARS, and it will take you a while, too. Start googling!

Me too, video is quite a black art.