Changing Destination Folder on my 2nd PC?


Here’s my situation: I have 2 desktop windows computers. My first PC (running Windows 8.1) has successfully installed WD Sync. The program created on my cloud device the directory “/David/WD Sync/”; and I’ve now copied some files to this directory.

I’ve just installed WD Sync on my 2nd PC (Windows 10) - it has created on my OS Drive the directory “C:\Users\Owner\My Cloud”, and it appears to have linked correctly with the cloud device’s directory ("/David/WD Sync/"). The trouble is I DON’T want the destination folder (currently “C:\Users\Owner\My Cloud”) to be located on my OS drive (it’s too small). I want it to be located on my drive F at “F:\My Cloud”.

Now I’ve gone to the WD Sync settings (from the Windows Tray menu), but I can’t change the destination folder - I can only add a new folder. And if I add a new folder (such as “F:\My Cloud”), it gives me a choice - either “Public” (not what I want) or “David”. If I click on “David”, it shows “WD Sync” in the right column, but it’s greyed out and I can’t select it!

So what do I do here? It’s pretty frustrating because it’s already trying to copy all the files onto my OS drive (I’ve paused syncing).

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to change the default folder for WD Sync, I would recommend you to go to the Software and App Ideas and posted it there.

Are you quite sure about this? If it is true then all I can say is it’s absolutely crazy! There must be some alternative surely? Are there any workarounds?

One option is to uninstall WD Sync and use a 3rd party solution to sync files. FreeFileSync is one such sync program that some here use.

Thanks very much for the link, Bennor!