Change to static ip, into the specified server can not install the driver

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新入手一个my cloud ex2 在pc上安装了驱动,一切都好用。但是更改为静态IP。放到服务器电脑上,远程连接服务器,驱动安不上,读不出来ex2。该如何解决。请各位大神指教啊。是不能放到服务器上弄么。还是一定要有路由器。

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New start a my cloud ex2 installed in the pc driver, everything is easy to use. But change to a static IP. On the server computer, remote connection server, drive security is not on, can not read to ex2. How to solve. Please enlighten ah big God. Is not on the server. Or must have a router.


Did you make sure the IP range is the same one on the drive and the rest of the network.


Google translate:
That’s right. Because the server can not automatically assign ip. Just someone will plug in the switch can be used, but the transmission speed is very slow