Caviar Green WD20EADS-65R6B1 2TB Slow Read/Write

My WD Caviar Green WD20EADS-65R6B1 2TB Used to work well until recently it began copying stuff at a very slow speed i.e Kb/s, ive checked it many times it reports no errors but some weak sectors and clusters. I backed up and formatted it and now i cant even copy anything back to it becuase the speed is much slower than copying from. Can anyone help me on this…i need it badly.

Did you replace the data cable? Also if possible test your drive in another computer…

I also have a similar problem with my 2TB cavalier green.  Over time the drive got slower and slower until pretty much unuseable.  Disk reponse time went from about 10ms to 2-3,000 ms (using the Resource Monitor utility in Task Manager).  However sequential reads were less affected as I managed to copy off most of the data although it took many hours.  I have also runs scans and disk checks and have not found any problems or bad sectors.  My other (less used) 2TB green works OK but it also showing signs of slowing down. I have used different cables but there was no improvement - it is definately a drive issue. Anyone got any ideas?  Would a firmware upgrade help?

I also have the same problem.  I’m finding that the drive slows down on read and writes to an unusable level when it fills up.  When I have about 300MB left on my 2TB drive, it starts stalling on reads and writes for certain files.  When I free up space, read write goes back to normal.