Catalina OS

Does anyone have issue with desktop using Catalina OS ?

If you are using the WD Desktop program it should be noted it is no longer supported by WD and will stop working/connecting to a My Cloud with the very latest firmware.

My Cloud Desktop App No Longer Works with a My Cloud or Login Not Authorized

WD has updated the iOS app, see the following thread for more information.

Thanks for the links Bennor,

Might be you miss understood the question, I am thinking you do not have Catalina OS ?

Just so all is clear, I use file / under locations WD is seen before and I would go into the drive this way using a desktop.

Since the update to Catalina WD my cloud it now fails.
( I did once connect and see WD, speeds were very slow, but it has never worked since the very last update of OS)

So has anyone the same issues ?

Bennor, I looked at the links and seen this.
This gives the impressions WD are slacking and not updating might be I need for a firmware up date on the my cloud and I have connection as before ?

“The My Cloud Desktop App v1.07 for WIndows and macOS has reached it’s end of support life cycle with a final release in February and March of 2016.”

Last thought iPad and phone all work with wd my cloud

Local Share Access

My Cloud content can be accessed locally using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.

Bennor this is how I used to connect with desktop until a week ago.

Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder and similar programs are file manager type programs. Generally with respect to the My Cloud when one mentions Desktop it often refers to the WD Desktop program/software that has been End of Life (EoL) since sometime in 2016. Only with recent firmware updates to the single bay My Cloud has the WD Desktop program stopped working.

If an update to the Mac OS has broken access to the My Cloud (in other words one cannot access the My Cloud using Mac Finder) then see if it’s an SMB1 issue similar to when Microsoft disabled SMB1 (for security reasons) and it caused people to loose access to their My Cloud devices. If it’s not a SMB1 or similar issue it may be some other network issue. Try using a different file protocol than SMB. Or if using AFP try using SMB or NSF or some other file management protocol.

I don’t use Apple products but these things happen with Windows too when the OS manufacturer updates the OS.

Hi Bennor,

Thank you for the advise.
I did not try SMB but did have a think and maybe VLC to connect.

Then I thought I zip up every program that maybe cause the issues.
Little snitch I think was the problem as I can once again connect to WD in finder.

If it stays constant I let you know.

thank you

I have 2 Macs (both running Catalina) and an iPhone (running iOS13) - all are able to access the MyCloud using smb:// - note that on the iPhone the smb:// is through the Files app. You can also use ftp:// if you have enabled it by logging in to your MyCloud through its web page by its IP address (192.168.x.x) or whatever name you have given it (MyCloud or MyCloud.local). If you just want to view a movie stored on your MyCloud, VLC will happily use either smb or ftp.

Hello Torch1, thank you for the feed back.

A few questions if I may, I am using Mac book pro early 2015.
Reasons were to use side car with iPad Pro.

2016 onwards supports side car I found out after up dating.

The only reason I use WD cloud is for purpose to use RAW camera images and back these up. (movie streaming not required)

I am still having same issues with Mac book pro here, if I do connect the transfer speeds are about 2 megs a second. Connection mainly does not occur)

So are your "2 Macs (both running Catalina) 2016 onwards ?

My older iPhone on 10.3.3 works fine and uploads to WD quickly.
So did the Mac book before the up date to Catalina.

MBAir (early 2014) and MacMini (late 2014), both running Catalina. MBAir is always connected wirelessly while the MacMini is wired (1000 Mbps). I have a 1 GB (that is bytes, not bits :slight_smile:) test file that I use to check transfer speeds. Between WD MyCloud & MBAir it is around 23 secs (depending where I am in the house) or almost 348 Mbps.
I connect to the WD MyCloud using the Finder (Go > Connect to server). While connected, I can test transfer speeds in Terminal app by:
time cp ~/Desktop/filename /Volumes/Public/filename