WD MyCloud App on Mac not Working after Catalina SW Update

Hi, I did Catalina IOS Update and afterwords WD Mycloud app is not working.
Where do I find appropriate version?


I’m having the same issue

Same issue as before and truly need to access my info there. When will the 64 bits version be released ???

The same thing for me too, but on Android it works perfectly.

Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip

Wish I never bought WD My Mirror. Had it for awhile but no longer works since the company doesn’t update to be compatible with Apple/Mac products like Catalina. Takes too long for them to update. As long as they get their money they don’t care about providing great non confusing support!

I don’t want to get you all bore but I have a WD MyCloud Mirror about Catalina MacOS update.
How much time we usually receive any workaround or solution to our tech issues?
Is anyone able to suggest another device to substitute the one I have?

Hi don’t know if this helps but while we wait for the update to the Cloud app on Mac you can add a server in using the mac finder using GO then connect to server then type afp:// and then type the name of your drive and you should be able to access all your files and folders.
Hope this helps im using an EX2 and a Mac with Catalina