Can't wake my MyBook Live from hibernation (blue light)

Hello. I’m having a problem with my MyBook Live 2.0 TB drive. I turn on my PC and it connects fine (I have it mapped to drive Z:, and logged in with an account). However, after like 10 minutes of inactivity, the drive automatically goes into hibernation (the light on the drive goes blue), and I can’t wake it up from my PC. When I try double-clicking the Z: drive, I get a Windows error message saying “An error occurred while reconnecting to Z:, The local device name is already in use”. The only way to get it working is by restarting my PC, or disconnecting/reconnecting the drive. I could disable hibernation from the WD settings, but I actually like it (it keeps the drive silent during the night). How can I fix this please?

It’s a hunch, but this may be a problem with the computer and not the MBL. It’s the “The only way to get it working is by restarting my PC” that’s raised my suspicion about where the fault may lie.

Myron, I don’t see what’s on my PC that could be causing the problem. I have an internet security program running (with firewall), but I get the same problem even if I disable it and restart my PC.

Next bit is untrelated but you’ll see where I’m getting at…

Years ago when I worked at a company the boss had a problem saving documents to the network, which was a Novell Netware server.  All the errors pointed to his laptop being at fault.  I spent about two weeks trying to sort it out and then came across a hotfix for the Novell Netware server which appeared to be working perfectly.  It’s only the boss’s computer that was experiencing this document saving problem.

The Hoxfix was not for the operating system that was in used because the affected operating serial numbers did not match that of the server suggesting the hotfix was not needed.  After another week of head scratching I installed the hotfix regardless assumint it will refuse to install.  Suprisingly it DID install the and cured the fault on the boss’s laptop without me having to so anything on the laptop.

The moral of the story is that sometimes the cause of the problem is sometimes not where you think it is.

I know it is not of much help.

This next bit is theoretical so if you try it then you do so at your own risk!

Something you could try and do is re-apply the current firmware to the MyBookLive. If if is corrupted firmware then the effect of doing this replaced the firmware that’s already on there outright.  At least it should do.  Saved having to do a factory format and losing everything that’s already on the MBL.

For example, I’m on the current firmware 02.02.02-020.  If I wished to re-apply the manually downloaded firmware upgrade package apnc-020202-020-20110825.deb then I would have to change the text in /etc/version from …


 … to …


 … and then invoking the script …

/usr/local/sbin/ /shares/Public/apnc-020202-020-20110825.deb

 … (Because I downloaded the firmware upgrade into the Public folder from the the computer.)

I would suggest you seek a second and third opinion before you try this.

This is done directly on the MBL’s Linux operating system so you’ll need to download PUTTY and enable the MBL’s SSH function using http://MyBookLive/UI/ssh.  Remember to sign-on to the Dashboard UI first before you use that URL.

The reason to tread carefully is I don’t know what other changed are made when the firmware upgrade is performed from a previous firmware.  I’ve not had to re-apply the same firmware.  The reason for changing /etc/version is because the upgrade from file script checks version numbers and if the version of the upgrade file is older or equal to the version already installed then the firmware upgrade is not allowed to continue.

Also, see . . .

Specifically …  “4. If you upgrade the firmware through WD’s UI, all customizations will be removed.” and the text benief it which seems to validate my idea of replacing the same version firmware to resolve a corruption issue, if one exists WITHOUT losing any data.