MyBookLive won't hibernate. Keeps making noises

Pretty simple problem. MyBookLive just won’t go to sleep. It used to before, but doesn’t anymore. In Settings, I have it enabled and set to hibernate after 10 minutes. But it refuses to do so. The light stays green and every few seconds, it makes a sharp clicking noise. I even tried disconnecting he Ethernet cable from the back of the drive itself, so it wasn’t connected to anything, yet it STILL wouldn’t go to sleep. I waited about an hour, and it kept making one sharp clicking sound every 10 seconds or so. It’s very annoying and keeps me awake at night (it’s located in my bedroom). How do I fix this? I even updated the firmware and also ran the diagnostic tool in the settings, but it said there were no problems.

To WD4ever,

I have had  the same problem since receiving a MBL 3TB in Sep 2011 with F/W 02.01.06-26. Sleep/StandBy didn’t work as received or with updates to F/W or 02.03.01-024. And now it’s still not working with F/W 02.10.09-124. Like yours, the drive makes a clunking noise periodically and the Blue Standby LED comes on for about 60 to 61 seconds on a 10 minute StandBy setting. However the hard drive in the MBL never actually totally spins down. Power appears to be removed for a second or so and then immediately restored. I have removed my MBL from service pending a fix as I fear that, between the very temporary power removal and the clunking noise, there is far too much wear and tear on the drive for it to last a long time unde these conditions. I am hoping that WD will be able to identify a fix for this problem.

Regards,  WilliamH

If you are hearing actual noises coming from the drive, then it is very likely that there is an issue with the drive itself and not necessarily the firmware. I would immediately contact our support department to investigate this further.

I will try contacting customer support, Tony. In the mean time, is there anything else I could try to fix this? Is this a known issue (others having the same problem, etc)?

I’m still having a problem with this. Can anyone help?

First thing to do is baclup everything on yuour MyBook Live you can’t afford to lose!

I already have, Myron. What do I do now?

As Tony wrote. Get in touch with W.D. support department and arrange an R.M.A.  If your MBL is making unusual and not-normal noises then changes are there is a electro-mechanical fault brewing and you’re one lucky cookie being able to back-up all your data.

Myron, it’s not making an unusual noises. All it does is make the usual (and quite normal) disc read sounds every few seconds (and the green light flashes once or twice). My problem is that it never goes into hibernation.

Have a look at the thread “Huge MBL Operating System File - Could It Be Preventing Sleep?”. It resolved the Sleep problem for me. However my problem (according to WDTony) was pretty unusual and probably doesn’t apply to most people. However, have a look at the thread, if your problem is similar then it may help.

Thank you WilliamH, I had a look at the thread. How do I access those logs you talked about? Can I access them from explorer?

You need to access the MBL via SSH (Secure Shell) - not “explorer”. You enable SSH on the MBL from the DashBoard and you need a SSH app on your computer. Since you mention “explorer” I assume that you are using Windows. Seems like a lot of people are using the free app “PuTTY” to provide the SSH on a PC. The log files are in the MBLs /var/log directory.

Thank you, I am downloading PuTTY now and I’ll give it a try. In the mean time, I just disabled both Twonky and iTunes server from the settings, and now my drive hibernates again. So, I’m sure you’re right and it has something to do with the Twonky logs you mentioned in your other thread.

Twonky logging can be turned on and off within Twonky’s own administration pages.