Can't see or delete cloud devices

Hi All,

I have two mycloud disks (2tb and 6tb) and both are showing a larger number of cloud devices
(on the main screen bottom left after web based login) than I would expect but I can’t see anyway to examine what they are.
(Firmware v04.04.04-101)

I have installed the wd mycloud app on my phone but can’t see anyway to enter the activation code
that clicking on cloud devices suggests I need to do:

  1. Select a user from the drop-down list and click Get Code to generate an activation code.
  2. Install WD Photos and/or WD My Cloud on your tablet or mobile device.
  3. Launch app and tap Connect Now. (Can’t see any connect now but I have logged into both ok)
  4. Select your product. (Pick a disk I guess)
  5. Enter Activation Code. (Where???)

Can anyone advise me how to see and/or delete these cloud devices please?



To add your My Cloud device to to the My Cloud Mobile App: