Can't open video files after firmware updated v2.21.126


i’ve updated the app and the firmware (first app then fware)… i also noticed the faster access after updating the app…

but the second i updated the fware i am unable to see any video file. i can acces the drive, folder and file but wont open.
plus the app now is slower that before its update and keeps asking to select video player.

i’ve reinstalled the app to previous version… no effect

latest version…no effect

deleted the mobile device on cloud access and the drive from the app…add device to drive and drive to app… no effect

restarted my cloud device… no effectt

i lost the ability to open the files from my mobile device and PC (as admin)

please help… i use this on a daily basis and ran out of ideas :///

Please check your My Cloud to see which firmware version you are running. You’ve posted the same question to two separate threads. Each thread deals with a DIFFERENT My Cloud firmware version. The two firmware’s ARE NOT the same. The V4.x firmware is for the OLDER first generation My Cloud units, the v2.x firmware is for the newer second generation My Cloud units. The newer units have different hardware hence the different firmware.

true, sorry i posted on the wrong threat initially… my version is the v2.x… i answered your reply there

firmware version: 2.21.126
PC app: WD My Cloud (
app: my Cloud (v
PC: win7 Home Premium
Smartphone: Android KitKat 4.4.2

if local = from my pc using WD My Cloud ( to open file = error (see pic attached)
if remotely = using my phone app my Cloud (v to open file = same error as above (see pic attached)

preferred video app: VLC (never had an issue before)

video file type: mp4, mkv, avi (all fail to open)

it was working just fine, i opened the mobile app to watch a video. got the firmware update request message, clicked ok… 10 sec later no video file opens

i’ve put a request to WD support but i was hoping that this issue had been raised and fixed… guess not… :confused:

I have the exact same issue. I can view pictures and other files but it will not play any videos. Mov or MP4

did this happen right after the upgrade?

i feel so frustrated… i had the feeling i shouldn’t do the upgrade since it was working at top efficiency and i have no idea how to downgrade it…

still manage to watch the videos on my smart TV… im so confused… xD

an error message pops up but its so fast that i can barely read a few words like “the file…” i assume it can’t find it but who knows

I can actually watch a video when connected to the same network as my cloud device but when I remote acces via pc or app I cannot play any video file. But I can view jpegs and such

I happened immediately after the firmware upgrade

Update your Firmware even when it’s stable:


So I wonder how long this will drag on before it’s fixed

Hello All,

Thanks for reporting the issue in this thread.
Please post or private message the answers to the following questions so that I can assist.

  1. What Make and Model of Mobile Device?
  2. What Operating System and version?
  3. Are you connected to the same LAN as the My Cloud? Remote WiFI or Carrier Network?
  4. What video files OTHER than what is reported are not working?
  1. android tablet / iPhone / windows 10 pc
  2. n/a
  3. everything is fine when connected to the same network. Remotely no video files play
  4. no video files play. I can download them and view jpegs but no video format files will play

I have the same issue after doing the firm ware upgrade

In addition to not being able to play videos on my tablet the upgrade has broken my internet connection

If mycloud is plugged in no devices on the network can access the internet

If I unplug it they all work :frowning:

Mine now is freezing requiring it be unplugged. Here’s what it like to show on the dashboard


It’s possible that your Dashboard is not showing up correctly because the My Cloud is indexing your content and generating thumbnails. You should be able to access the Share using Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder and the My Cloud mobile app OK.

Can you verify?

The mobile app via iOS and android was not able to access the mycloud drive. I unplugged it again and was able to access it


  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTEW / win7 PC

  2. Android KitKat 4.4.2 / win7 Home Premium

  3. connected to the same LAN = no joy
    if i use mobile data i can open the videos but its now slower that before

  4. na

cant we just downgrade the firmware? it was absolutely perfect…

Ok, i’ve done a sys reset and the same firmware version is installed so im gonna give this firmware downgrade another go and describe it step by step:

considering this post as ref.

You can downgrade your firmware, but you need to download the firmware you want to go back to from here:

After unzipping the file to get to your *.DEB version you have to rename that version. So lets say you are on and you want to go back to, do the following.


Unpack the zip file to the *.DEB file.

Rename the *.DEB file to a version number that is highr than the version you are on. Example: rename to to replace

Go to your Dashboard and do a manual firmware update. This will restore the older firmware.

BEWARE : that any scripts/functions that have been changed with the firmware you are on and are not addressed with the older firmware are still the current version’s script. I would do this as a last resort in trying to find a fix elsewhere on the forum.

1. download the firmare version required (WD_MyCloud_GPL_v2.21.119_20160901.tar.gz)

2. > Unpack the zip file to the *.DEB file.
*Hmmmm… what do you mean? TO the .DEB file…? where is this file located?
maybe you mean i have to export the file in .DEB format? lets see…
- open with winzip
- cant convert, not here not online… maybe you mean to look for a .deb file inside… lets see
8 items inside - 4 folder 4 files

firmware, kernel, opensource pack, toolchain

GPL_v2, GPL_v3, LGPL_v3, WD_MyCloud_GPL_v2.21.119_20160901… All *.txt files

- im gonna go to the obvious choice 1st, firmware folder… brb…
will save you the trouble, its not there… on the other hand what if you open text file: WD_MyCloud_GPL_v2.21.119_20160901.txt you will have instructions on HOW TO BUILD THE FILE YOU NEED

and i quote: > This file will show you how to build the WD MyCloud firmware < brillinat… at last… mystery solved…!!!

Oh wait, there is something else here:

Modification of or tampering with the Software, including but not limited to any Open Source Software, is solely at Your own risk. Western Digital is not responsible for any such modification or tampering. Western Digital will not support any product in which You have or have attempted to modify the Software supplied by Western Digital.

So, it boils down to the firmware update render my device useless, submitted a support case and bounce between WD staff via mail and Forum for over 10 days with no resolution, only links to guides that lead to “if you do it yourself your warranty is void”

Im really sorry but enough is enough… @WDStaff Members please answer the following questions:

Q1 - My device is still in warranty and has been rendered useless due to manufacturer firmware. Can you downgrade my device remotely?

Q2 - If remote downgrade is not an option, can you build the necessary *.deb file or whatever bloody file is necessary to do a manual firmware?

This has gone beyond my good will and patience, its is the 2nd time that i ask this questions and not even a bloody answer… escalating my case to yet another person is not the answer…

I am extremely disappointed with the lack of interest and/or the “difficulty” to do a bloddy downgrade.

Consider this a formal complaint and if i have to wait another 10 days for a reply that does not solve my problem just send my another device with the firmware v2.21.119.

sorry for the long post

As an FYI you don’t want the GPL version of the My Cloud firmware UNLESS you intend to compile and build your own firmware version. You can download any of the older v2.x firmware from the following post/thread:

Only thing that thread doesn’t have is the downgrade instructions for v2.x version single bay/single drive My Cloud units.

Thanks Bennor, will give it another go… oh and yes, my device is a single bay… just to make things a bit easier…

Downgrade successful but i still have the same problem… great…

well at least now we know that downgrade does not fix the issue (just needed to wait 10 days and for a non WDStaff member to help me realize that)

What now @WDStaff…? Do i really have to come here every day and keep pushing for a bloody answer?