Can't login WD account

Error : We have detected suspicious login behavior and further attempts will be blocked. Please contact the administrator.

Me and other users in my cloud pr4100 can’t login today. We didn’t do anything suspicious, just login and manage our file on our my cloud.
I also try to login admin account for cloud access, the result is same (can’t login error:429).
Please help me for the solution. We can’t work because of this error.

Have you checked the sub-forum for your device, Pro4100, to see if others are having the same problem? If they aren’t maybe someone can help you get connected.

Nothing is there, and I have the same problem.

I have the same problem(from italy)

I also have the same problem and I can’t seem to contact any one to fix it all they have to do is reset the account so my password will work again. I have even went in and changed my password and it worked for the first time and now I am back to the same problem.

@newking01 (OP) @Fr400 @WDTraveler @ricklap

I take it you all own a Pro4100, but have you started this topic in that sub-forum.

Your asking owners of a
to help you.

Has anyone contacted WD by using the link at the bottom right of this page?

I have posted it there, but before I did I performed a search on the problem and it led me here. Perhaps the main message needs to be moved to the proper sub group.

I have two WD HD doing the same , has the problem been resolved or are they being hacked. How do I get in touch with the account administrator ? Help needed


Who owns the device? That person is the administrator.

Turns out it was a blip on the Western Digital Web authorisation. I had to wait 2hrs then all ok. Thanks for responding