Can't get past landing page with IP address on new computer

This should be easy.

I have 2 MyBooK Live as network storage device. They live right beside my router. My Lenovo W10 Pro I got a couple of years ago. If I right click on the storage device, I can open the MyBooks and map a drive.

My new GMKTEK has W10 Home. I see the storage device but a right click just lets me open the landing page. There is no “open” option. SMB1 is allowed on both computers.

If I take the IP address and enter into the Lenovo I can see my files. But enter the same IP into the GMKTEK and all I see is the landing page.

What should I do?

Have you run the My Book Live Setup software on your new computer?

Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried it and it could not find the mybook. Not sure if that software works with windows 10. It said contact WD Support. This is a legacy product and I have never used that software before.