WD My book live

I have a WD My book live P/N WDBACG0010HCH-OO S/N WCAZA8533596 now it is connected to my modem via ethernet cable but its not being detected, i also cant access it remotely, i have no idea how to get access to it, there is no USB connection on device only ethernet cable. Please can anyone help.


With any luck you have a bad ethernet cable - try another one. Also try another ethernet port on your “modem”. (That is assuming it is a modem/ router combination.)

If that doesn’t work (and it probably won’t), try powering the device off for a few minutes and see it it recovers when you power it back on.

You could also try a short reset, but I’m not sure that would do anything to fix this problem. (It will reset admin password, device name, static IP address, and other similar customizations.) The last resort would be to reset to factory settings, but I think that wipes out your data. Do you have a backup?

But speaking of customization, did you do anything shortly before your MBL stopped working? Setting or changing a static IP address? Changing routers? (The new one might use a different IP subnet.)

Could also be the My Book Live using the older SMB1 Protocol

which is disabled in Windows 10 and most current firmware updates on modem/routers disable it because it’s a security risk.

Windows 10 uses either SMB2 or SMB3 now. (SMB1 can be manually re-enabled)