Windows cannot access drive

MyBookLive will not show up on my network, how ever it will connect by “open as web page”
It will not let “mount” the drive either.
Tried to download software from WD but nothing seems to help.
Does anyone have any ideas I could try?

Hi libirm,

You should follow the instructions provided in below article to get My Book Live on your Computer:

If you are using Windows 10, enable the “Network Browsing Feature” to see My Book Live under Windows Network:

Thanks for the help-
I finally got it to work but only after rebooting the MBL via the Interface.

Now I want to set a static ip address for MBL-

Could you supply any information about that?

I mount the drive to make it easier to pull saved files- once in a while my router or modem reboots and its a pain to reconnect.