Can't get EX2 Ultra to show folders in Win Explorer; workgroup is OK

Working my way through diagnosing why I can’t get the MyCloud EX2 Ultra folders/files to display in Win (10) Explorer. Checked and the workgroup is “WORKGROUP”, the same as for the client

The device shows in Network>Storage but clicking on it browses to the device webpage/dashboard (login).

Thoughts on what to check next?

Found it. It was the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client Win 10 feature being off. Turned it on and the WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra shows up in the network in both the storage and the computer areas. The computer one is new and, when clicked, navigates to the folders/files.

My next intent is to use Windows Explorer to copy/paste a bunch of folders/files (pictures) from a client to the NAS. Also intending to install iTunes and WordPress.

Will post for others struggling through this.

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Thanks! EXACTLY the issue we have here. So please advise, for us newbies, exactly how one turns on SMB 1.0/CIFS. Thanks in advance!

SMB 1.0/CIFS is one of the features in later releases of Widows 10 that is not, by default, active. Looked on a Win 7 laptop and didn’t even see it in the features list. I had no problem with Explorer on the Win 7 machine.

The path is Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features. For my Win 10 layout, I had to use Windows Search to find the Control Panel.exe file. If you are using Icon view, you may not need to do that.

This shows the actual Features list, with the SMB1.0 now turned on. Got there by clicking “Turn Windows features on or off” under Programs and Features.

Just a comment: A lot of the WD documentation is pretty technical and, because the devices have quite a few different ways of being used, the documentation can be a challenge to navigate for those of us who are figuring out how best to use it for our purposes.

I now have it set up to be the target for backups of each of the clients. I use Acronis True Image, installed on each client, to execute the backups. Now that I can use Explorer, I’ll move a couple thousand digital images to the public Share.

Currently, I’m not planning on using sync, choosing instead to stay with Dropbox (we use very little that needs to be available on a client when offline).

Other possible uses include moving our iTunes library to the NAS (I have a post asking about whether we can still use iPods. Might need to move into the 21st century and go to using our smart phones for music devices.)

Also thinking about activating WordPress and putting a simple web site together to help browse through the pictures.

The only other plan is to backup the NAS itself, probably just to an external USB HD. My NAS is 2TB x 2TB configured to RAID 1 (mirror) so only need capacity for 2TB.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask questions. This new turf for me so am willing to share the learnings.

Thanks, Tom, for the helpful info.

I found a website that stated simply turn it on in Windows 10 using the Turn On/Off Windows Features. Then rebooted, remapped shares and all is well, for now anyway.

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