Can't get content info or thumbnails


I’m brand new to the wd tv media player. I’ve done a ton of reading before I received the unit today. I have a WD TV Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN) with a USB passport.

I used DVDFab to make a copy of my DVD. It’s one disk in a series. The folder is created under my Tv Series directory and named HONEYMOONERS_S1_D1.

I go to Videos. Then I see My media Library, Videos:All, then HONEYMOONERS_S1_D1 with no information like Actor, Duration…

I used setup ->video setting and set Browser Display to “Gallery View”. Next I went to System and set Media Library to “On” and Get Content Info to “Automatic”

Do I have to do something manually to identify the DVD? Can I manually create files for thumbnails and metadata using a third party tool for all of my DVDs?

Sorry if these questions are already answered. But I can’t find them and I don’t get the concept…

Thanks for any help.


Hello, see if this post helps.