Cant find a replacement Drive

I have a WD My cloud EX2, one of the drives has gone bad so i am looking to replace it but can find the exact same one, its WD60EFRX and i can only find WD60EFAX. Only WD60EFRX is mentioned as a compatible drive
What will happen if I install it?

I dont think you will have an issue.

The EFRX is an older drive (released in 2014) that has been discontinued, EFRX (released in 2019) is essentially the newer version.

The EFRX is essentially a bit quicker (Max read), larger cache and lower power consumption.

Should be able to install the newer drive and just rebuild the RAID.

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thanks for your solution, it works, but now it says RAID degraded, i rebuilt so many times yet it says RAID degraded , i scanned and both disks says its healthy, am i missing anything?

First thing I would do at this stage is full system test and full hard drive test to see if it throws up any issues.

I’m in the same position as @Meer81. I had an original (2015) WD RED 4tb 5400 rpm drive go bad in my EX2. I am planning to replace this bad drive with a new 4tb 7200 rpm drive. Will the differences in the drive speeds be a problem?

The EX2 doesnt really care about things like drive speed etc. It uses SMART primarily for drive status (is it bad or not etc) I believe.

It will pretty much do what it needs to do on the 7200rpm drive then just ‘wait’ for the 5400rpm drive to catch up before moving on. Unless you are transferring significant volumes of data or doing large amounts of read/writes you probably wont notice much difference in my opinion.