Ex2 Ultra drive WD80EFBX

I am seeing a caution warning drive fault message. Drives and raid are OK.
I would like to replace the drive, however the drive WD80EFBX is now discontinued. Is there a replacement drive that can be installed alongside the other WD80EFBX drive. It appears that all newer drives are now a slower rpm.

Because you have an EX2 Ultra you may want to move your post to, or start a new one in, the correct subforum for your device where users of the Ex2 Ultra may be better able to answer your question.

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

Generally any other 8TB WD Red Plus or Pro drive should work provided you followed what ever directions are required for replacing one or both drives in a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. If replacing one drive one may want to make sure the replacement drive meets the same/similar specs both RPM and RAM Cache wise as the good existing operating drive in the enclosure.

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Thanks, From my researching there appears to be some problems on the advertised drive speeds. It appears the discontinued WD80EFBX is 7200rpm, while newer red plus drives are 540rpm. Cache sizes still appear optional.

Red = SMR drives (maybe) = avoid.
Red plus = 5400 rpm drives
Red Pro = 7200 rpm drives

Not sure I would see a reason to use Red Pro vs Red plus in a NAS which is limited by network connection speed . . . but YMMV

The drive it will be replacing is 8TB CMR with a 7200 rpm 256 mb cache.
I would have replaced like for like, however the WD80EFBX has been discontinued, with no clear guidance on which should be used as replacement.
I was thinking on the Red Pro as it matches rpm and cache

Try This

or perhaps

Try this

If you are adventerous; I could recommend


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