Cant Connect to WDMyCloudMirror

Cant Connect to WDMyCloudMirror

as you can see i check 1st one but the other two solutions didn’t work, i need help i couldn’t access my files

I have the same problem.

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If you find solution kindly let me know.

Same issue for MyCloud OS 3 with remote log in even after “accept security certificate” and refresh. Haven’t been able to log in all morning. 7/13/21 1:07PM

Had the same problem as well earlier today…

What I did:

  • Do the 40 sec reset (pressing reset button for min. 40 sec)
    This will reset certain config, such as resetting device name to default value (WDMyCloudMirror).
  • Access the dashboard as usual (http://devicename.local)

Hope this helps.