Can't connect to My Book World Edition II (2TB)

I have been running my World Book II (white light)  for months.  Last week it started getting a bit flaky on the connection and now I can’t connect to it at all, my router doesn’t even assign an IP address and if I plug it in directly to my computer I can’ t access it either.  When I power it on the lower light comes on and then after about a minute the top light flashes.  On the network cable, the green light illuminates (steady) and that’s all.  Seems like the network card in the box might be dead.

Anyone seen this before?

I’m mostly concerned about my data at this point.  Can I get a SATA/USB connector and verify/transfer my data?

Hi there, you’ll be able to get the data out if, and only if you had a RAID 1 (Mirror) configuration since the other RAID modes are non-recoverable.

If you had a Mirror RAID then take one drive and connect it to your computer either as SATA or USB as you like, but you’ll need to run Linux since the file system of the drive is EXT3, you can also Google for a program to let you see EXT3 drives in Windows.