Can't backup since updating WD Smartware software

About 2 weeks ago I was prompted to update the WD Smartware software.  It added a software called Dropbox and gave me a free trial which I did not take advantage of. Now when I start WD Smartware it wants to know if I want to upgrade (pay). Sorry I do not want to upgrade, just back up my data as usual.  Well it won’t backup anymore though it says that it does.  I checked and my current files have not been backed up.  Any ideas how to fix this?

Hello, be sure to select the correct backup target. Since you don’t plan on using Dropbox to do the backup you need to select a local disk. Check page 25 of the manual to review the steps on how to start your backup.

Yes, as far as I know I am doing it correctly but my newer files are not being backed up though it acts like it is working.  BTW, I have been using the product for a while, it is not my initial backup.

I’m having the same problem since updating to 2.1.0 on my Passport SE (windows xp).  I have been using it for about 2 years with no particular problems, so I think I’m doing it correctly.    If the unit is plugged in when a file is changed or created, then it seems to ‘backup’.  But it isn’t backing up files that were changed or created while it was not plugged in.  And I can’t leave it plugged in because when my computer starts up, it trys to boot up off of it and hangs up.  And, like the other users, it says everyhing is done, but if you compare the total number of files and their size, then you see that all files have not been backed up. 

Do you have any suggestions for me?  PLEASE!!

Hi Garfdallas, try exploring the smartware.swstor folder inside the Passport to verify if your files are there. For the Boot problem, you can change the settings from the BIOS and select the internal hard drive as the first Boot option.