Cant acess my files from

i can login but the dashboard not shwoing any of my files
it started after the problem last nigt,

i can see my files from the android app without any problem.

please help

any one ?!!!

Hi @WebsGhost - Have you tried resetting the device since the issue was resolved last night?

i did it yesterday during the problem that you guys had because i didnt knew that there is a problem going on !!

which one should i use?

4 sec’s or 40 seconds?

I think the 4 second should be enough, but I personally would do the 40 “Just in case” - the article explains exactly what is reset with each type.

yeah i’ve read it… and asked just to be sure…
i’ll try that tomorrow and let you know
thanks for your help

Awesome… please let us know either way… also, you may want to reset your router as well just to be sure (I’ve seen it make a difference in some cases). I’ve also included our support contact link below in case none of this helps and you want to reach out for more direct assistance.


I’ve finaly resolve the problem !!!

You guys, did the device so confusing !!

I did all the things for nothing (reset router, reset My Cloud) the only thing i didn’t understood is this…

After the reset of the device, I connected the android app “My Cloud” and the other one which is “Wd Photos” and it was associated with (which is the same on my Galaxy S7).

when I was trying to login to the account, I was able to login but couldn’t list any of my files and got “nas offline” error when i pressed the “settings” on the left up corner of the page to make it refresh and try to connect to my device)

but didn’t get any results

I had to reset the device and tried to assign the share with and when I tried to apply a new email account the device said “you cannot delete this account”

Then i’ve started to google for “how to reassociate account?” and found this thread:

I did what it says there and 1 sec later I was able to list my files on the page and was able to list all my files.

and only then I’ve reconnected my Android apps with my device

hope that it will help people like me