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I have set up a 4T MyCloud drive on my local network. I specifically wanted to be able to store photos, videos and audio files that I could access remotely on my tablet. I put these regularly on the Public shares, which has no password applied. I was not sure if I wanted my personal information on a drive that is accessible remotely. I don’t fully trust my ability to set up any security that might be needed. But, it appears that I did put a password on the Personal share. Problem is, I don’t know what it is. I THOUGHT I did. I make a habit of adding all logins to a spreadsheet, and found I’d done so on my MyCloud. But now I find that login does not work. It may have been for the webpage for WD, although it didn’t work there either. I managed to change my password for this site, and for the wd2go site, but when I try to access that share directly through Windows Explorer, it asks for a username and password, which is where I am stymied. The input box is actually identified as Windows Security, asking for network credentials to connect to this file. I am at a loss.  Any suggestions? Am I just suffering from one of those “elder moments”?  How many logins must I maintain for WD?

Have you tried your network user name and password?

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If you have forgotten the administrator password you initially configured for the WD My Cloud you can reset this password to the default password by pressing and holding in the reset button on the back of the WD My Cloud for 4 seconds. Do not hold in the reset button for longer that 4 seconds. For more information on how to reset the WD My Cloud see the following link: How to reset a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 drive

Note: A reset will return the Device Name, IP Settings, and Administrator Password to their default settings. If you have changed these values when configuring your WD My Cloud you will need to change them after performing a reset.

Once the reset has been performed one can then access the WD My Cloud Desktop and change the Administrator password as well as change other user passwords. See the following link for more information on how to access the Dashboard: How to access the Dashboard on a WD My Cloud product

Generally as far as I know there is no default password when the device is reset. In other words you leave the password field blank when attempting to access the Dashboard after performing a reset.

it is generally not recommended (despite what the user manual indicates) to put files in the public folders, especially media files. For ore information on where to store media files see the following link:  [FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup & Use

It is also recommended, if you haven’t already done so, to read through the WD My Cloud User Manual. It contains much general information on how to setup, configure and use the WD My Cloud device. 

Thanks to both of you. It took some doing, but I finally have it reset. I had some trouble with the reset button, as it did not appear to do anything. I suspect I was not pressing quite hard enough. In frustration, I finally uninstalled everything, reinstalled the WD software, and found my way to the Dashboard, where I did a system reset. I cannot say just how far I strayed from  Bennor’s instructions, but I think I did do what was intended. (When I said Newbie, I did mean it.)

I must admit I did not understand any of the Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup & Use.  Nor do I understand  much of the User Manual, but I will work harder to do so. In the meantime, I can at least access both the Public and personal shares (?).

Thanks, again:smileyvery-happy: