Can't Access My Cloud After Transferring Files To It

Have a brand-new MyCloud NAS drive.  Setup went OK, and can access it via the control panel.  Transferred several GB of old data from prior Windows systems (XP, mostly) to the drive.  Now, it demands that I log in to it and says that it is not accessible on my network, even though there are no passwords set.

The strange thing is that this problem is from a Win 7 Home Premium installation.  However, I can access all the shares on the drive from a Mac without any problem.


Is the Workgroup name on your Windows 7 computer and the one on the My Cloud UI the same? See image below.

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cat0w (USA)

Can you describe the behavior more? Is what is happening that when you try to open a network share, it asks for credentials but it doesn’t let you through? Can you tell us the message you get? Also let us know what shares and users access rights you have set up.