Can no longer access the network share


You’ll have to forgive me, not the most techy guy in the world but my problem is as follows.  All of a sudden, the network shares I’ve set up with my MyCloud no longer work, all prompt for a password and then reject me with the usual invalid credentials message.  No idea what’s changed to cause this BUT if I map drives using ip addresses, it’s absolutely fine, the problem is solely when I try to access anything using \mycloud\blah\blah.  I know the password is correct as I’ve been able to log on to the dashboard (again that uses an ip address to get to).

I’m sure this is easily fixed but I’ve no idea what the solution is!



OK.  I read back a few more pages and after seeing some similar-ish problems, I disconnected everything, rebooted, reconnected and, ummm, it works.  But, how common an issue is this?

Do you use Windows 7? If so, the Credential Manager in the Group Policy section can be used to address this. However, you will need Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate to access this options.