Can't access public share

I have the 4TB MyCloud drive, set up all the access and setting according to the knowledge base info but I cannot access the files I’ve put in Public Share. When I try to go in through my comptuer, network and click on the public share file I get a windows network error message telling me I don’t have permission to access the folder. I can access all the other folders on MyCloud drive through this method. I am the admin on both my computer and the MyCloud drive.  I’ve emailed customer support twice now and gotten no response. Can anyone help?

Do you have any of the shares mapped?

See if the problem goes away by mapping that share.

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC

Are you NAS credentials the same as your Windows credentials?

if yes, try to set a different password for the NAS credentials, then

  • in the control panel, user account & family safety, windows credential manager, delete any item mentioning your NAS,

  • disable the automatics launch on startup of any software that might access the NAS with credentials,

  • in a command prompt, type: net use * /delete

  • reboot the computer for good measure,

  • verify you can access the Public Share

The drive can’t be mapped because of not having permission to access it.

Changing NAS didn’t work either. I’ll have to call in to tech support and see what they come up with. Thanks for trying!

If you cannot map a drive to your share because of credential issues, make sure the user is entered as something like


and make sure that you have given userX at least read acces to the share using the NAS admin User Interface.

I have checked the settings and I have full access on the dashboard to all the shares. I can access all the share folders with the exeption of the public folder. Everything is set for that folder the same as my other folders so it makes absolutely no sense.

What do you mean “everything is set for that folder as my other folders”?

Do you have all the other shares set as public access? Because the default public share is the only one where you cannot set specific user access (you cannot turn off the public access)

I mean that as with all the folders on my MyCloud drive, I have the dashboard set so I have full acess. I have no problem accessing any of the other folders through my network, only the public folder, which says I do not have permission.

I would reset the system.

From the dashboard, do a system only factory restore, under settings, utility. That restore doesn’t erase content by resets the user access rights, maybe this will be enough to set your Public share straight.

If that doesn’t work, I would do a Quick Restore. That will erase your content.

Maybe some other user of this forum familiar with Linux could come up with an way to reset the share permissions using SSH.