Can't access My Book Live 3tb - blinking green light


I can’t access my MBL from any of my devices with them saying that the connection failed. When it first happened, I noticed that the MBL had an orange/yellow light. I powered off the MBL and when it rebooted, the LED is now constantly blinking green. I have tried using the reset button and  resetting the router but no luck. 

A few days ago I copied about 300 gigs of data over to it. The MBL has only about 900 gigs of data on it in total. The last few days since uploading the 300 gigs of data, I noticed it was a bit sluggish when opening MBL folders from my Macbook - the folders would open but it would take several seconds for all the files to actually appear. This has never happened before.

Does anybody have any solutions?


I have the same problem on my 3T. After 20 hours I could not even erase 1 gig of data from my disk. So slow I regret buying this …

It use to work fine but now it is a pain. Only have it for 5 month.

Never again.


Just dicovered that the problem might be due to the Mac antivirus call ClamXav and his sentry.

I disabled the software and now it seems that my HDisk is running faster. Will continue my test and post the result later on.

I should apologize for my message above about the HD poor attitude.