Mybook live 3tb no connection and blinking green light

As per the title, I have had the drive for abount 2 months, and working very well. Now all of a sudden i cannot connect to it

and the green light is flashing. 

I have tried the following to no avail

  1. I have tried resetting it

  2. I have also powered down the drive including my BT infinity routers for 20 mins

  3. I can log onto dashboard it shows 

Network link down

The network link is down or has become intermittent. Please check your network connection.

  1. When i disconnect the drive mapping from my pc and tried connecting again i can see mybook live but get network problem

Any help would be appreciated

First, you need to find out what the LED status and its colors mean. I’m surprise on the number of people who come for help to this forum but do not bother on finding that out, it is very clear on the manual.

Anyhow, blinking green means, the MBL is all fine and there is activity. Now, you are going to scream, what activity! I have no access. The activity is probably due to having remote access enable, as well as Twonly and Itunes services.

Anyhow, you MBL does have an IP (Green LED). Now, you cannot connect to it and that is probably due to the MBL getting a new DHCP IP and one of the following:

  • DNS settings somewhere did not update

  • Your PC not on same network as MBL

Now, this makes just no sense at all:

“I can log onto dashboard it shows Network link down”

If you can login into dashboard, the network link is up. Otherwise you couldn’t connect.

The best thing you can next is: Find out the IP of the MBL by looking on the “DHCP Adress leases” on your router.

Use that to connec using the computer browser typing" \<MBL=IP>

I’ve a similar problem - the front LED is green (or blinking green), but I can’t access the web UI nor can I map a drive to it.  The computer says it can’t see the drive…

Everything used to work now, then it decided to not work…