Can't access Dashboard?

Ok, so back story - hubby set up the mycloud and is now not interested in helping sort out the issues.

2 issues:

  1. The first I discovered by accident really.  I can see WDMyCloud in Finder on my Mac and this is mostly where I have been accessing stuff from.  But it will only log me in as a guest.  When I try to log in as Registered User and complete my details, it won’t log me in… so I remain logged in as Guest.  Then I realise, even as a guest, I can access EVERYTHING!!

So I go looking for how to lock the folders so they are private or password protected… that is when I discover that perhaps I need to be accessing the WD My Cloud from the dashboard?? I have downloaded an app which doesn’t seem to give me any administrative access to change folder types etc.

So then I try to access WD My Cloud from online (which I assume is what is known as the dashboard??

This is when I discover problem 2.

  1. Can’t access anything online - tried downloading and installing Java… still nothing works using Chrome or Safari.

To add to this, I am a fairly new Mac user so I am getting easily confused reading other posts because the terminology is all new and I am by no means a whiz at this - I can adequately get through things if they are explained without too much technical mumbo-jumbo.

Hope someone can help please!  My main concern is working out how to lock folders so randoms can’t access them!!

I don’t have an Apple computer but here are a couple of things to look at for more information. First is the Learning Center.

Second is the User Manual.

If your husband set up the My Cloud then he is the Administrator, see if there is a checkmark next to his user name (See p.51 UM).

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