Cannot ssh with root/welc0me

Since firmware update v04.01.00-408 I seem not to be able to access WD MyCloud using ssh with program WinSCP.

It says ¨access denied¨

Any idieas someone?

have you enabled SSH in the UI?

Try putty to see if you are getting any messages

if al else fails do a system only restore which will remove all users and reset passwords to default but leave shares and data in tact

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Thanks man. The system only restore worked for me. I can now ssh in to the MyCloud

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I don’t want to hijack this thread but this is on topic.

My new WD My Cloud seems to work OK and it is mounted and accessible via Nautilus and the terminal.  All attempts to log on with ssh time out.  I read in this thread that I must enable ssh in the UI.

The problem is that this is a Linux and Android house. I cannot find a web interface so I guess the UI is a Windows/Mac app.

Is there any alternative?  Does the app work under WINE?  Incidentally I cannot find any mention of user name or password in the documentation.

zaphodes wrote:

I cannot find a web interface so I guess the UI is a Windows/Mac app.

What do you mean you can’t find a web interface?    It’s a web page – just like any other web page.

Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari – they all work.

http://(ip address of your device)

after system only restore I am still unable to login via ssh. using putty tried to login to root and receive access denied. Any oher suggestions?

I was typing it incorrectly. Linux/unix skills limited.