Cannot see images

I have a My Cloud storage device running the current firmware v04.04.01-112 I only use the device to store my photos when I am trying to access the drive from my tablet with the MyCloud app v4.4.1 I am not getting access to my photos. I click on a folder under the All tab then presenting the subfolders I select the folder presents me a list of files no thumbnails. Then I click on the photos tab I get the message “no photo found” They are all saved as JPG. Another issue when I do open the file in the all tab all I can do is share a link. I would like to share an image like I used to. Yes I was able to do all of this prior to the app firmware update.

What type of tablet are you using? Are you able to provide any images of what you are seeing? On your Dashboard how many images does it show as having been scanned?