Cannot get iPhoto library to work with WD Photos

I have recently bought theWD Mybook Live and cannot get my iPhoto library to view properly in WD Photos.  I have moved my iPhoto library to the shared drive ‘Pictures’ a couple of times, first time by copying the main folder from my iMac - in this case only 6 pictures appeared in the shared drive and in WD Photos (all the folders but no content).  Next time I tried transferring the main folders one at a time - this time at least I can see all the folders and pictures on the shared drive, but still only a sub-set of the pictures show-up in WD Photos, a 1,000 pics but only a % of the total??

This is just one of a few things I have been disappointed on since buying the drive.  It looks like I will end up only using it to do time-machine back-up’s at this rate.

If anybody can help me out it would be very much appreciated.

Have you read THIS?  Leave iPhoto where it is an simply drag your picture folders from Pictures folder on your Mac.