Mac, iPhoto Library and MyBookLive


I have installed my new WD MyBookLive via my Mac and have made my first backup via TimeMachine. Everything seemed to work, except when restoring the iPhoto Library to my Mac. iPhoto opens it OK, but only shows thumb nails for about half of the events. It seems the data base is corrupt, because when clicking the blank thumb nails, the correct picture shows up.

I also wanted to move my iPhoto Library to MyBookLive, since it’s more than 100Gb and takes up a lot of space on my Mac. I have read that if moving iPhotoLibrary to a NAS or external HDD, it has to be formatted in Mac format, otherwise some of the meta data associated with the pictures will be lost. It seems that’s what I am experiencing. 

But is this really the case?



It is not possible to change the internal format of the hard drive, but that should not matter to the computer. Since the correct picture opens when you click on the thumbnails the problem would not appear to be related to data corruption.