WD photos and iphoto library

Hi do you know how can i see my iphoto pictures through WD photos? I just pasted my iphoto library into the public/shared pictures folder on my book live drive and i got the “iphoto library” folder, but i only get some pictures in the “modified” folder, all the other folders are empty and i can’t see my pictures.


Please note that it will take a while in order to build the library. The photos will appear eventually.

Also plase note that WD Photos only supports JPG/JPEG photos

Take a look at this link to verify if it helps:



I have a somewhat similar issue.

Using iOS 7.04 and WD photos app on My Cloud (firmware 03.03.156)

At first I tried to sync ihoto library (5k photos), but it was so slow, and everybody kept telling me iphoto is not compatible.

Then i removed iphoto and its library from all my devices, removed and re-installed all apps, and rebuild DLNA database on My Cloud.

However, the WD Photos app is still trying to sync a (non-existing) iphotos library (5k photos). When i manage to click down to the individual files it’s trying to sync, it says “404 file not found”.

What can i do to resolve the issue??

Maybe related: I copied my entire photo collection (just *.jpg files incl. folder structure) manually from mac to my cloud shared pictures  folder via finder. This did not appear to sync with WD photos app yet.

Thanks for any help you can provide!